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It is rather difficult to be romantic without first flirting.  What exactly is flirting and how can you adapt some flirting into your own romantic moods and play?  To begin, you don’t want to be too aggressive.  Start with very friendly gestures and once you have gotten those moves down, and then go for the romantic flirting!

Flirting is a frame of mind:

Be self-confident and do not be afraid to take risks.
Be enthusiastic about romance and be positive!

Start a sexy conversation:

Start with a simple, opening line by saying hello.
Talk about anything at all, whatever will get the romance going.

Enjoy yourself and have fun:

Be playful, light-hearted and above all, be spontaneous.
Show that you can be vulnerable.

Make good use of all props:

Always use a prop.
Props will get the conversation started naturally. They encourage conversation and others will want to start talking to you.
Great props are: pets, children, great jewelry, a wonderful scent, a sweatshirt with your favorite sports team’s emblem, an interesting book or magazine.

Play host:

Take the lead by taking on the role of host.
Do not be the passive person in waiting, but rather the lead.

Introduce yourself first:  

Move closer to the person you want to meet and introduce yourself confidently!


Everyone loves to be heard and when you are a good listener your partner will be drawn to you.

Make bold eye contact:

Look your partner in the eye gently (no more than 2-4 seconds) and then look away. You don’t want to stare!

Pay a genuine compliment:

Your partner will be pleased and will warm up to you more.

Show a beautiful smile:

You will look so much more approachable. Everyone is attracted to a genuine and heartfelt, smile.

So there you go!  These are all ground-breakers when wanting to approach someone with romance.  We must always be mindful of the fundamentals. 

When we just dive right in, unexpected, we can turn our loved one off.  Go slow, a step at a time and feeling confident, approach with your best romance moves.

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