Love Tips and Advice

Simple tips for helping your relationship to stay healthy

Use these quick and easy ideas to help your relationship stay fun

Showing someone that you care and that they are special to you does not need to be complicated.  Some of the most touching ways of saying I LOVE YOU are the simplest and most appreciated.

Adapt just a few today and watch as your love life takes wings.....and flies!

  1. Give or get a hug for no reason
  2. Tell the other person that they are important and respected
  3. Kiss them when people are looking
  4. Kiss them when people aren't looking
  5. Tell the other person that you care deeply
  6. Hold hands to show support
  7. Go together for a long bike ride
  8. Give a special present/give any present
  9. Tell them you are there for them when they need you most
  10. Spend quality time together every day
  11. Enjoy a film together and put your arm around him or her during the story
  12. Walk arm in arm through the woods
  13. Compose a special tape of love songs just for him or her
  14. Open up and share your feelings
  15. Open up and share your dreams with each other
  16. On a cold day snuggle up together/do this on any day just because
  17. Sit for a long while together in the park
  18. Take a long walk together
  19. Enjoy a meal together and you pay
  20. Enjoy a picnic indoors and roll around together on the floor
  21. Enjoy an outdoor game of Frisbee together
  22. Pay lots of lovely compliments
  23. Get all heated up and relax in a Jacuzzi
  24. Go for a hearty swim together
  25. Feel close together and just relax
  26. Shop for dinner together and you pay
  27. Cook a good meal together and you do the dishes
  28. Offer a loving touch
  29. Plan and go on a wild trip together
  30. Host a party for all of your mutual friends
  31. Bake a yummy cake
  32. Be quiet together in a library
  33. Cultivate your culture and browse in a museum
  34. Always be there for him or her
  35. Find out what's meaningful for the other person - and then join with them
  36. Get in good shape together
  37. Look deeply into his or her eyes and just gaze
  38. Wash your loved one’s car by hand
  39. Land that big fish together/you bait your own hook
  40. Talk to each other about everything

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