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New Hope for a Tired Relationship

How rescue your relationship with a breath of new life

We are all familiar with the phrase, “love springs eternal,” BUT, just how does one bring this phrase to life in a relationship that is slowly disappearing?

When we are engaged in a solid, loving relationship, the stars shine brighter, the moon glows bigger and everything else in life seems to just fall into place.

This is ideal, of course!  The reality is that our love life often needs extra care and attention, even at the best of times.

The good news is there are effective love life enhancing tips and hints available to those who need new insights and creative ideas to even jump start a love life that has fallen off-course. 

It becomes a pretty tall order to have the creative love juices surging deep within all of the time.  Saying, “I love you,” can be simple enough, but, showing how much you love him or her is something entirely different.

Relationship Rescue - When your Love Life Slides off the Track

How often have you heard the statement, “The passion is gone?”  Perhaps you feel you are more like roommates, than lovers.  Once the excitement in a loving relationship goes out the door, so can the passion.

Once you have experienced distance in your relationship, and affection starts to wane, you can feel great sadness.  When you begin to lose all the important things that seemed to matter when you first met, it can be difficult to begin again.

You can breathe new life into your love life!  It is time to pour new energy into showing your partner just how much they mean to you.

Relationship Rescue - Even Before you Begin....

Resolve to never give up!  Have a plan and then see it through right until the very end.  A good relationship is worth every minute of your efforts!

If you are feeling you are the only one doing all of the work in this relationship and you just want out, think again! Your interpretation of your relationship will color how you act next. 

You need to be positive to move forward. Don’t make a rash decision while in the heat of the moment.  Take some time to cool off, to re-group and then to remain committed. You are going to learn how to enhance your love life!

Forget about the idea of making another relationship work when the one you are in now needs work.  If you are not willing to do the work needed in your current relationship, remember that a new relationship will be even more difficult to work through. 

We carry the baggage from our unresolved relationships right into the new ones!

Think that the upset you feel now will bring about the wisdom necessary to grow in your relationship, despite the situation. You will be stimulated to face what comes next. Enhancing your love life takes work!

Fixing a relationship that involves two, takes two.  You must both agree to this, otherwise, the relationship will end when one partner refuses to do the work.

Once the decision to move forward is clear by both parties, enhancing your love life will take both partners working together, making new promises and beginning with a first step.

There needs to be action now.  You both want to be making new choices such as changing your thinking, engaging in new behavioral patterns and changing your relationship from one that is just so-so into one filled with love and promise.

Remember -- it is much wiser to learn to remake the future than to continue to relive the past. Tell yourself this truth, over and over.

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