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Tips, tricks and advice for relationship for teens, girls and women

Here are some things you can do to make the sparks of romance fly:

While your loved one is at work, use your spare key to open their car door and place roses and a card in their driver's seat. This will show your loved one your true feelings.

Don't buy your loved one a commercial type card to declare your love. Make them one and send it to them in the mail, even if you live together. The card will surprise your loved one!

Give your loved one a small decorated box.  On the inside flap write "These are 50 of the many reasons why I love you."  Create 50 brightly-colored folded strips of paper inside with various phrases...all declaring your love.  Fill each strip of paper with something very personal and include some special surprises like a gift certificate to their favorite spa.

Spend the night outdoors together on a really warm, clear night.  Name a star after him/her and register that name on-line.

Cook the love of your life what will be a favorite meal.  Use candles, a bottle of red or white wine, then follow this up with a back and neck massage.  Do this “just because” and ask for nothing in return.  For message oils use sandalwood, lavender or ylang ylang. The art is to please your loved one.  Watch the night just sizzle!

Send your loved one on a scavenger hunt.  Have him find his goodies (prepaid and waiting) at the bakery, deli, wine store etc., and when he gets home meet him at the door in something very sheer.  Feed him blindfolded  and then hand him a Polaroid camera and tell him to have a ball!

Have a “conversation a day” (on the phone or at home) where you whisper to the other person and let them know you love them and miss them.  Your whisper will capture their attention.

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