Love Tips and Advice

More Relationship Help and Romantic Date Ideas to Spice up your Love Life

  1. Share each others concerns
  2. Agree on a favorite mutual love song and then sing it to him or her
  3. Share in each others joys
  4. Hold on closely to one another whenever you can swing it
  5. Catch your loved one’s eye and hold it
  6. Write that special love poem/note/letter and send it to him or her
  7. Spend time talking on the telephone together when you are apart
  8. Tell your loved one you trust him or her
  9. Present your loved one with a ring
  10. Spend time together visiting family
  11. Spend time up in the mountains together
  12. Don’t be afraid to give up something important for him or her
  13. Send them their favorite chocolates often
  14. Give respect to each other
  15. Walk your hearts out to the light of the moon
  16. Give a sexy look to him or her
  17. Write your loved one a new poem
  18. Send your loved one exotic arrangements of flowers often
  19. Share your home cooked meal by candlelight
  20. Rock the night away at a concert together
  21. Watch as the sun starts to rise and think of your love of each other
  22. Remember your anniversaries
  23. Call each other by a pet name
  24. Spend your holidays together sightseeing
  25. Have a night in watching a funny video wrapped in a warm blanket
  26. Do those special things for each other without being asked
  27. Whisper sweet somethings into the other's ear
  28. Vow to be best friends while being lovers
  29. Make a date to have simple fun together
  30. Kick up your heals and go out dancing together
  31. Play your favorite classical music together
  32. Determine to flirt with each other each day
  33. Make a good joke to make him or her laugh each day
  34. Tell your loved one you will always be faithful and mean it
  35. Do something to impress each other
  36. Present your loved one with a list of the things you like about him or her
  37. Discuss the last book you read together
  38. Make a point to meet each other’s friends
  39. Enjoy a horse riding lesson together
  40. Alternate nights and then cook each other's favorite food
  41. Vow to do whatever it is that makes each other happiest
  42. Create a new present for each other from your own hands
  43. Offer to wash each other's hair
  44. Enjoy watching the sunset together
  45. Take a long bus trip and hold hands the entire time
  46. Phone in a request for him or her to be played on the radio
  47. Send your loved one a funny card
  48. Talk with your loved one about your plans for the future and include them
  49. Enjoy taking time to just play footsie
  50. Share a funny, private joke only the two of you can share
  51. When apart think of each other and what you will do when you meet
  52. Have your picture taken together and then once framed you each have one

If you were to do only a few of these suggestions each day, imagine how alive your love life would be!

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