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Discover the best Romantic Gift Idea for Valentines Day

Is the best romantic gift stil a bunch of roses...?

Have you ever wished you could come up with a new gift idea to show your loved one how you feel? 

Have you ever wondered about what the different colors of Roses actually mean? For instance, next time you choose a specific color of Rose, do so to convey a special meaning. 

Look below and learn what the different Rose colors represent and next time you buy a Rose as a gift, deliver a loving message at the same time.

Colored Roses and What Each Color Means

  • Red - Love, I Love You
  • Pink - Perfect Happiness, Please Believe Me
  • Peach - Modesty
  • White - Innocence and Purity, I am Worthy of You, You're Heavenly
  • Orange - Fascination
  • Yellow - Texas Love, Joy and Friendship
  • Single Full Bloomed Rose - I Love You, I Still Love You
  • White and Red Mixed - Unity
  • Rosebud - Beauty and Youth, A Heart of Innocent Love
  • Rosebud (Red) - Pure and Lovely
  • Rosebud (White) - Girlhood
  • Bridal - Happy Love
  • Christmas - Tranquilize My Anxiety
  • Damask - Persian Ambassador of Love
  • Dark Crimson - Mourning or Loss
  • Hibiscus - Delicate Beauty
  • Leaf - You May Hope
  • Tea - I'll Remember Always
  • Thornless - Love at First Sight
  • Bouquet of Mature Blooms - Gratitude

Next time you buy your loved one a Rose as a gift, attach a handwritten card to convey the message to him/her that the color means.  This is a great way to enhance your love life!

Here are some great examples for you to adapt for yourself:

  • Tea Rose -- Last night was very special.  I’ll Remember Always!
  • Dark Crimson -- You mean so much to me.  Can we try again just one more time?
  • Rosebud (Red) -- You take my breath away!  You look so lovely!
  • Orange -- You fascinate me!  Can we spend more time together?

Even smaller, simpler messages will enhance your love life and will thrill your partner!

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