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Romantic Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Send your Loved one on a Scavenger Hunt

Send your loved one on a scavenger hunt to be remembered! He or she will visit places that are significant to your relationship, like where you first met, where you first kissed, your first date. You are waiting at each place ahead of him or her to give them the next clue. End the hunt somewhere romantic over a bottle of good wine.

Send your lover on a scavenger hunt throughout your home to find a gift. Start with a clue that will lead them to the kitchen, and then strategically place clues all over your home.  Make yourself available for lots of kisses and hugs as they progress. For a playful touch place a gift of an edible oil for massage in the final box and prepare to have lots of romping fun!

Create clues to hunt for a gift according to special events the two of you have enjoyed.  For example, "the place we first made love," "the place we last made love," "where we hide on the kids," "where we always kiss in the morning," Your partner will have fun remembering!

Plan & Prepare for a Romantic Meal

Romantic meals will work well any day of the week and aren't only good for Valentine's Day and anniversaries. The key is in the planning and preparation.

Make a Great Impression

Send a handwritten invitation to your loved one rather than inviting them over the phone. Include the date, time, location and any type of dress code. So that he or she is well prepared, forget about surprising them.  You want them to be hungry to eat a fabulous dinner.

Choose your Meal

Your best bet is to simply ask.  Ask him or her what their favorite foods are, if you don’t already know.  No point serving them something known to be an aphrodisiac if you don’t know that they will like them.

Search the Internet for creative “love” recipes that includes your lover’s tastes.  This is your way to their heart, after all!  Preparing their favorite meal will be far more meaningful than simply selecting something interesting out of a cook book.

Fancy Schmanzy

Tell your loved one to dress fine!  You should dress to knock their socks off, too!  When you want to impress with a wonderful, love inspiring meal, be sure to dress the part, just the same.  This will nicely set the mood.

If you like the idea of serving a dessert, it works well for you to prepare it earlier the same day.  This way, you won’t be too busy with preparations once your guest is dining with you.

Check with your loved one to see if he or she prefers alcohol or not.  You can buy very nice non-alcoholic wines to serve with dinner.

If your loved one offers to help with the preparations, take plenty of time to fool around!  In between simmers and chops and dices, don’t forget to sample and nibble on the neck, as well!  Setting the mood involves the romance department, too!

Set a Romantic Atmosphere

String very tiny and soft white lights along the fireplace, around a door frame or window frame.  This will set a lovely, peaceful mood!

If your romantic dinner is set to take place while it is daytime and you prefer the dark, cover your windows so that no light will come in.

When featuring candles, consider using the non-scented types.  This will highlight your savory aromas from your meal.

Mood music playing softly in the background will further enhance a romantic atmosphere. Plenty of really good radio stations found on the FM dial offer commercial free softer jazz and ambient sounds.

Set up your meal in front of a fireplace if possible.  The last place you want to eat this romantic meal will be in your kitchen.  If you have to, just this time, rearrange the furniture.  It will pay off in spades!

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