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Create Romantic Poems and Love Notes

Learn how to create the perfect romantic poetry for your loved one

Personal, handwritten love letters are an ideal way to express your feelings to someone. They are not difficult to create if you are true to your feelings and give it some careful thought. Write what moves you best, be sincere and you will be sure to bring a smile to your love's face.

Waxing Poetic

Anyone can just copy a favorite love poem and then send it off.  What will touch their heart best is something of your own design.  You can use the example of another poem, changing the words around to suit your expression. 

You can take several different poems, in fact, and then take what you love most from each of them to create your own.  This takes some practice, Try starting with just one sentence.  Change the words around to reflect your own personal feelings and then go on from there.

Personalize a Blank Card

You can buy beautiful and artistic cards that have only an outside picture and a blank sheet inside for you to create your own prose.  Take your time and write out a verse that you think will be meaningful to your loved one. 

Practice first with a scrap piece of paper and then when you have it just perfect, carefully print or write it out in the inside of the card. 

Leave Your Note where it will be found

It will be a nice surprise for your loved one to find your note, unexpected.  Don’t hide it so well that he or she won’t find it! Leave it in a common place that you are sure he or she will go looking.  When they find it they can enjoy it all alone.

Own your Prose

Make sure you get good credit for writing your loved one.  Don’t think that if you mark your note “anonymous” that she will just know it is from you. 

Give a Gift

Include a little something that can be inserted inside the card or letter. A small gift will make your love note extra meaningful.

The romantic act of expressing your love in writing is always a special gift to receive and this becomes a keepsake for a lifetime!

Place your Love Notes in Creative Places

Adding the element of surprise to your love note is always special to the receiver.

Here are some really creative suggestions about where you can leave your handwritten love note:

  •     In their shoes
  •     In their lunch bag everyday
  •     Under their pillow
  •     When they travel just insert one into their luggage
  •     In their laptop bag at night to be discovered first thing in the morning at work
  •     For the reader -- in their bookmarked page
  •     On their car windshield/wipers
  •     Use the Windows Paint  program to write your love notes, and then save them on their computer as the 'wallpaper'
  •     In their shirt pocket before they leave for work
  •     On the edge of the Jacuzzi, hot tub or sauna
  •     On the bathroom mirror in lipstick, or the steam of their shower
  •     Using washable markers -- everywhere
  •     Inside their class notebook on the page after the last page written on
  •     On the driver’s seat of their car
  •     In their sandwich, wrapped in plastic
  •     Taped to the back window of the car
  •     In their wallet
  •     On their steering wheel
  •     Planted throughout the bedroom to be found while getting ready for work
  •     In their pants pockets
  •     Dictated on their voicemail
  •     In the mailbox
  •     Pinned on a teddy bear before they leave for work
  •     In their gym locker
  •     Written in soap on the mirror
  •     Buried in the sugar enjoy with their coffee

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