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Add fun to your relationship with romantic nicknames

How to choose a sexy fun romantic nickname for your partner

You can sure enhance your love life by adopting a nickname special only to your loved one!  If you think that doing this is kind of wishy-washy, think again! A nickname mixes in some romantic spice into your love life.

A special name such as "Sweetheart" or "Cutie” can lighten up your loved one’s face and send a rush of sexy butterflies to their stomach!  Why not try it and see for yourself?

Why bother with a nickname at all?  Nicknames do the trick because:

  • They pay a loving compliment when you pick the right one for your partner.
  • They conjure up thoughts of love and romance.
  • They make your loved one smile.
  • A nickname picked out only for your partner will cause them to feel special.
  • They are playful and set a fun mood.

Read from the list below and see if you can find a nickname that you would think fits your loved one’s personality and character.  Try using it just once and then see how your loved one responds.  If they like the nickname, adopt it as your own.  The nickname is for your ears only!

  •   Angel
  •   Babe
  •   Baby
  •   Beauty
  •   Beautiful
  •   Buttercup
  •   Cupcake
  •   Cutie
  •   Darling
  •   Dear
  •   Doll
  •   Dumpling
  •   Handsome
  •   Hulk
  •   Hun (short for Hunny)
  •   Hunny
  •   Hunny Bunn
  •   Gorgeous
  •   Kitten
  •   Love
  •   Lovely
  •   Lulu
  •   My Little Cutie
  •   My Love
  •   My Sweet boo
  •   Brown Eyed Girl (or blue or green, etc.)
  •   Peanut
  •   Pookie
  •   Princess
  •   Pumpkin
  •   Rosey
  •   Sexy
  •   Sex kitten
  •   Sex muffin
  •   Smiley
  •   Sugar
  •   Sunshine
  •   Superman
  •   Sweet Cheeks
  •   Sweet Pea
  •   Sweety
  •   Sweetheart
  •   Tarzan
  •   Twinkle Toes

I guess you get the idea..

Try coming up with a few original nicknames of your own and then get to work -- time to start enhancing your love life with a new nickname to turn him or her on!

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