Love Tips and Advice

How to get the most out of your romantic getaway

Make your Romantic Vacation one to remember

Enjoying the four seasons is a special treat for those in love.  Summer seems to bring out the lover in all of us.  Use some of these creative suggestions and enhance your love life in style!

  • Build a Huge Bonfire
  • Sleep Entirely Under the Stars - This means no covering of any kind.
  • Go for a Long Canoe Paddle - Wear your life jacket! Camp grounds will rent them out. Exploring is lots of fun!
  • Go for a Paddle Boat Ride - Wear a life jacket! Camp grounds will rent them out.
  • Feast with a Barbecue - Have fun with your friends or savor a private barbecue just for two.
  • Spend a Day with your Camera and Take Pictures - Pose with little animals and nature in the woods, or go to a park and take pictures of each other.
  • Reach for the Stars and Fly a Kite
  • Go for a Fun Clam Dig
  • Go for a Leisurely Walk on a Challenging Nature Trail
  • Spend the Day with a Picnic and Hike in the Woods
  • Go Fishing and Land the Big One
  • Go to a Private Nude Beach for the Day
  • Go on a Camping Trip
  • Make Homemade Sorbet Together
  • Go Swimming at Night in a Pond or Creek
  • Go Strawberry/Blueberry/Apple Picking
  • Go to a Local Circus
  • Go for a Walk at Sundown
  • Go to a Park and Lie Down in the Tall Grass
  • Watch for a Shooting Star in August
  • Get up Extra Early and Watch as the Sun Rises Together
  • Plant a Garden with Love Together
  • Paint a Room Their Favorite Color
  • Use a Telescope and Just Stargaze on a Very Dark Night

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